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Communications Breakdown

Communications Breakdown published on No Comments on Communications Breakdown

Hello hello hello. You may have noticed a slight… interruption in my posting recently. I’m on vacation, but that’s not why. In full accordance with Murphy’s Law, I decided to let the charger for my working PC die while I was on the road. I thought the challenge would be… fun? A new charger is flying my way post haste from the good people in the Amazon or something like that.

In the meantime, I write here from fabulous not downtown not Las Vegas (Las Vegas adjacent… in line of sight from Vegas… just up the road from Vegas…. the Nevadan version of the suburbs) on my mothers’ adorb little chromebook. I assume the site will forgive me this slight infidelity in exchange for the attention paid it. I’ll have to figure out how to make up for having ignored it on Valentines Day. But hey, I got ignored on Valentines Day too. It’s a tough old world, site. Best be getting used to it.

I promise new art tonight. It’s a certified Martin Gold Promise. The kind of promise that if I break it, you get to bring it up for the next thirty years as proof of my untrustworthy nature. Except you won’t get to, because see… Martin… Gold… Promise. A less gold promise… more of a bronze promise… is a review of something good to read… soon… ish. Anyone have a favorite webcomic (inconceivable as it is to Martin, it need not be this one)? Sound off and maybe it will be my favorite too (even if it’s not this one). Sorry for the interruption and in the meantime, here is a bad ASCII picture of a spider.

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