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About Me

Welcome to my brain. Let me show you around. Here is the About page, known to me as my ever flappin’ tongue. This is the part of me you would find at a cocktail mixer going “Uh huh, and what do you do?” Except you will never find me at a cocktail mixer because I’m home doing these comics.

Speaking of these comics, there are two so far. Singles and 99 Ways to Spi. Singles are my brain. My best drawing and my deepest jokes where I’m ever so cerebral and run the greatest risk of outthinking myself out of a laugh. 99 Ways to Spi is my emotion. Rudimentary art expressing atavistic terrors. I once threw a laptop across the room and into the wall because a spider was on it. This is the part of me that obsesses but doesn’t think.

I have a brand spankin’ new Community page where I’ll be talking about comics, web and otherwise. If you’re a comics artist or comics fan and you’d like to write about your work, my work or someone else’s work, hit me up through the Contacts form and we can try to work something out.

There’s a store here as well. The store has some of my original art on shirts and accessories. If you are interested in prints of any comics you see or would like them on any merchandise, again drop me a line and we’ll talk. Art, as I’m sure you know, is PBS. Nothing is possible without Viewers Like You.

So why Martin EaZee? Good question. I’m a Martinez by name and all my life people have asked how do you spell that? What they mean is, with an S or a Z. Here’s the thing, if you’re one of those Martines people everyone always asks about, I want to know where the heck my homonymic homies live, because I’ve never met a single one, but the question always comes: How do you spell Martinez? Piece of cake.

It’s Martin, with an EZ on the end.

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