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Freeze Tag

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Life is a Rorschach test in which our experiences combined with those bewildering edicts from the subconscious combine to create that thing we call our “worldview” (don’t you think? No? Guess your subconscious won’t sign on because of that thing that happened at camp).

I am constantly amazed by the multitude of interpretations we can apply to the most simple of scenarios, not to mention the intensely complex ones like picking out a pair of shoes or the intent behind a Homeowners’ Association edict. Maybe those mimes were really out of control five seconds ago. Maybe the judge is unbalanced and those mimes never made a peep. Maybe a mime killed the prosecuting attorney’s father and he should have recused himself but he didn’t because he can’t rest until he’s put every single one of Those People behind bars where they belong.


What’s my point, you ask? I dunno. Just as an FYI there’s a prison strike going on right now that’s the largest in US history, which commenced on the 40th anniversary of the Attica prison riots which resulted in 43 deaths. Whether these strikes spark similar violence is yet to be known as there is a silence in the media regarding this unprecedented event (though there have been reports that some prison guards have joined their inmates in protest of what they perceive as an inhumane system).

Whether you think the prisons are full of coddled sociopaths who prey on the public tolerance or innocent victims who are enmeshed in an inescapable cycle of oppression, maybe it’s time we have a dialogue on it.

Right now, the nation is silent as a mime.

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