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Since having these seems to be all the latest rage, I thought I better throw my New Year’s resolutions out there. Never let it be said that I won’t grow. So without further ado, I give to you 2017.

1: Allocate time better in 2017 so I have one of these ready to go on the first of January 2018.

2: Have an income of some sort. By the way have you seen my Patreon account?

3: Clean my apartment. This shouldn’t be a year long resolution but.. it is.

4: Eat a vegetable.

5: Make some art money. By the way did you know I have a Threadless store?

6: Have at least one guest author on the site that I don’t already personally know.

7: Live through the entire year.

8: End racism forever. Politely decline the statue. I roll modest.

9: Pet any cat I see.

10: Lose some weight. I refuse to set a goal in this regard because if it’s a stone (in honor of our brave new post Brexit mates across the pond) or an ounce, I win.

I tried to cover the gamut here from modest to… let us say… unrealistic? (I’ll let you guess which is which) How are the rest of you on New Years Resolutions?

The Day After

The Day After published on No Comments on The Day After

Catchin’ up, catchin’ up, catchin’ up… Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and that all family get togethers ceased screaming long enough for pie. Pie should bring everyone together and everyone should have at least 3.14 slices of it per get together. Too stuffed to be racist. It’s my message of healing, yo.

As for me, I spent most of the weekend arting. I got quite a few cartoons done for your viewing pleasure. I was consistently terrorized by tub spiders who accommodate me when I want to suffer for my art. I drew these (with a few more in the pipes):

Soon to be merchandized at a web near you

But I also took some time off because it’s a holiday, why not? I saw a lot of things online about DAPL and Black Friday and I get it. The holidays are stressful. It’s not just you. You don’t think Martha Stewart is freaking out right now? You think she doesn’t know that if she doesn’t have those hand carved compostable centerpieces then she’s going to hostess hell? She can smell Gwyneth Paltrow nipping at her heels. She gets it.

I just want to say there’s no wrong way to be thankful and that gratitude doesn’t need to built into a holiday. I was lucky enough to spend the day with my best friend and she’s all kinds of amazing. If you don’t have someone that amazing in your life, maybe get involved with something you’re passionate about because we sorely need amazing people to be amazing together.

Finally, the best reason I can think of to be grateful for the things you have is that it highlights all the things you don’t have. I don’t mean that in an envious my neighbor has a 90 inch tv and all I have is this 60 inch piece of crap way. I mean by contextualizing who we are in the world, it imposes on us humility. By assessing what we’re missing, it defines the path of where we need to go. Gratitude is a way of accepting our imperfections.

I’m grateful for this chance to move forward with you all.



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